Unreal Tournament III UT2D-SuperMario

by Edward "FrontAXL" Basile
Unreal Tournament III

Super Mario Bros from the original NES, now in 3d...err...in UT2D

I tried to keep the look and feel true to the original NES game design, although it is not meant to be an accurate remake. A combination of blocky platforms, 2d and 3d decorations make up the scenery. I've also included sounds from the original game in the PC version.

To play this map you must first install UT2D, written by jbizzler.

UT2D can be downloaded here.



Mirror #1 PC Version (wolvy.net)

Mirror #2 PC Version (vpclan.com)

11.5 MB

11.5 MB

Mirror #1 PS3 Zip File (wolvy.net)

Mirror #2 PS3 JAM File (wolvey.net)

9 MB

9.1 MB

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